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The 1841 Census was the first national census in Britain. Taken on the night of Sunday 6th June, it recorded every person and where they spent that night.  The enumerator transcribed from details given to him by residents. Only outlying properties are named which makes it difficult for us to pinpoint properties on 'The High Street'. Over 16 year olds were rounded down to nearest 5 years. No specific place of birth was recorded...just 'y' to Yorkshire. Occupations were listed.

The population was made up of: males = females = children (to 14) = boys: girls:  

Everyone was born in Yorkshire.

There were 44 houses in High Street and 8 outlying farmsteads.

Occupations:                                 Cattle dealer=

Farmer =                                      Publican=

ML (male live in servant)=              Bacon factor=

FL (female live in servant=             Blacksmith=

Ag.Lab=                                       Carpenter=

Dressmaker=                                Tailor=

Charwoman=                                Schoolmistress=

Shoemaker=                                 School age=

Carrier=                                        Under school age=

Shopkeeper=                                Wives=


Everyone worked in Newton though the Agricultural Labourers may have divided their labours between farms in Wilberfoss, Sutton and Catton....anywhere within walking distance.

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