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1911 census

The 1911 Census was as 1901, with extra questions:

  • For married women only, the number of years of their present marriage, the number of children born of that marriage, the number still living, and the number that had died.

  • As well as their occupation, the industry in which the person was employed, if employed by a government, municipal or other body, the name of that body.

  • Parish and county of birth for anyone born in the UK (which included all of Ireland). If born elsewhere in the British Empire, the colony or dependency, and the state or province.

  • For anyone born outside England and Wales, whether they were resident or visitor in the country.

  • Nationality of anyone born overseas whether British by parentage, British by naturalisation ( including year of naturalisation) or, if a foreign national, of which counrty.

  • In the Infirmity column, the age at which the person had become afflicted.

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