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1967 Aerial photos

The first video shows some of the 1967 aerial photos PV sourced from     .

The second video shows photos taken by James with a drone in 2021.

44 years have lapsed...there is only one active farm in the main village village and 63 new houses have been built ( or are under construction, on sites that were formerly farm buildings or businesses..Whitelands Farm, Horsley Transport Yard).

At least 3 houses have been demolished ( Village Farm, Manor Farm and Meadow Croft) and some farm buildings have been converted into houses ( Whitelands Barn, Ash Close, Derwent Farm)

Beyond the village centre, farm buildings have been converted into houses at Newton Lodge and Eastfield Farm.

There are semi-permanent lodges on a site down Bull Balk and just beyond the Parish boundary, there are mobile homes and caravans at One Hundred Oaks, caravan and fishing lakes.

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