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The present Chapel was built in 1901, replacing the previous one of 1818. Extra land was purchased in 1900 in order to increase the seating in the main church and also include a school room. A path was incorporated to the north, leading from the street to the schoolroom door. Mr Noble of Kexby was paid £   for the land and A. Craven was paid £ compensation for loss of apple tree. 

The architects were G Danby from Leeds. We have 2 ceremonial mallets that were used when the corner stones were laid in 1900. Several bricks have initials depicting the benefactors. 

In 1988 a new roof replaced the troublesome old slates.

In 1994 the pews were placed around the outside walls and water and a toilet were installed in the schoolroom. 

In 2018 the Chapel, now a community centre too, was totally refurbished with a toilet with disabled access, a fitted kitchen with units, cooker and fridge. The rotten facias and external doors were replaced. UPVC windows in cream wood effect replaced the single glazed rotten ones.

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Ernest Kendra OBE led the centenary service in 2001. His memories of growing up in Newton and his life in the forces are here.

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