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Enclosure Award 1766

enclosure 1776.png

Number of landowners allotted land:

Total acres:

Acres per landowner:

Community allotments: sand pits, gravel pits, roads, footpaths.

Drainage ditches and hedges.

Creation of enclosure roads: Mask Lane leading to Newton old landing;  Jackson Lane leading to Back Lane.

NB: Landing only for use of Newton inhabitants.

NB: Standard width of enclosure lanes...44 yards.

NB John Horsley of St Loys and John Horsley of Newton.

NB list of goods delivered up River Derwent.

NB Tithe allocation to Church at Wilberfoss. Ref: Poor Land's.

Foot paths, many created in 1766.

NB the tow path along the River Derwent. It's unusual to have a towpath along a river. They're usually along canals. Horses had to be carried, on the barges, from one side of the river to another when the towpath changed sides. Sadly, this resulted in several drownings. The towpath became a footpath.

os1950 footpaths_LI (2).jpg

Sand pits, gravel pits and clay pits. Also Marle pit.

Natural and man made water courses, created in 1766. 

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