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J.R.Haig, Esq.

In 1874 J.R.Haig put up for sale his estate in Newton which he had inherited from Richard Price. Very few of the lots were sold and were consequently re-advertised in 1918.

Haig was related to the Haig whisky distillers and distantly related to Field Marshall Douglas Haig.

See Haig family tree.

Screenshot 2020-10-28 163933.png

So much work can be done using the information on the map and descriptions of lots.

John Sherbourne purchased Newton Lodge...Tim has given us details of the sale. Interesting to note the footpaths and rights of way across the fields that comprised Newton Lodge.

Also the fact that the Gravel Pit was owned by the Overseers of the Highway in Newton upon Derwent, also referenced in the Enclosure Award of 1766.


1851 census for Highfields Park, Withyham.

Richard Price will.

J R Haig will.

Any Richard Price documents archived?

George Wyndham, Lord Egremont. 1811

1811 Lord Egremont.png

In 1776 Enclosure Award Lord Egremont was awarded     acres in Newton Parish. As a major landowner and patron of the arts, its significant that in this portrait he is seen looking at a map with a magnifying glass.

He had a survey conducted of all his lands in Yorkshire, Cumbria and Sussex ( his county seat is Petworth House) in 1797 and it is due to him that we have a map of acreages and owners. The surveyor also wrote detailed descriptions of tenants.

Lineage goes back to the Percys.

1616 maps probably in PHA.

1797 map in Chapel...used by Penrose Farm to record ownership.

Prof Paynter ordered a photo to be taken of the map.

TH & MH collected it from West Sussex Archives. Read surveyors accounts.

Percy connections with Wressle Castle and Leconfield Park..see

MH facebook 'who's who.' date      .

Lord Leconfield inherited.

The third Lord Leconfield lost his son in WW1...heavy death duty to pay.

Farms sold between 1918 and 1924. A limited company was created to prevent paying tax.

Mann Horsfield

Lived in Thorpe Hall, Thorpe Underwood. Inherited from Dinah Mann, land at Newton. Related to Sykes of Sledmere. Lord Mayor and Sheriff of Yorkshire.

See family tree.

Sold 247 acres and messuages in Newton, on 6.4.1789 to Joseph Buckle. Esq. and gentleman of York, fpr £5,250.00

Uncle of George Hudson, left him land in Newton.

Later in life, George Hudson blamed his misfortunes in his business life and his downfall, on his Uncle for leaving him £30,000 in his will. Without that wealth, George would never have ventured into railways....but then York would never have benefitted from being the centre of the railway network in the North either...or had an extensive tourist industry.

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