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Saint-Python, the village in northern France where Corporal Harry Blanchard Wood, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards, was involved in action on 13th October 1918 which was to lead to him being awarded the Victoria Cross.

For further details about HBW, his family and life in Newton and Strensall, his WW1 career and his life after the war until his early death is 1924, visit HWB. 

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Christmas Eve 2014. Nicky Fox and MH acted a play in Chapel 'Christmas Eve 1914'.

2018 children had an activity afternoon, baking with ingredients available during 1914-1918, decorating biscuits cut out to represent HBW VC 1918 etc. Craft work included 'dancing dolls showing the world united in peace. 

2018 - MH wrote a WW1 poem. 

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