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Evacuees: when, where from, which families offered their homes.

1939 Register

Local airfields-impact

Airmen integrating into village life

Who signed up? Atkinson...Navy

ARP First Aid 

Local crashes

Tanks practising for D day Landings girls

Fund raising

Fire watch

School days.. Potato harvest

Oral history

1945 Farewell to East Riding.png
1945 Farewell to East Riding2.png
1943 Wings for Victory.png
1945 Half Moon.png
1943 YFC show for Red Cross.png
1941 firewatch.png

Using the 1939 Register:

In Newton there were 3 mothers with children from Hull and London, already living with families in the village, Village Farm, Derwent House, Derwent Farm. More were to arrive as the war progressed. We know that a mother with children lived in rooms at Penrose Farm. A German POW also lived and worked there.

In Wilberfoss there were at least 16 unaccompanied school age children by September 1939. One mother with 2 children was the Official Evacuee Helper. The youngest unaccompanied child was 6 years old and the oldest 14.

Later there must have been many evacuees in Kexby because concern was raised at the Council meeting for their safety as they walked along the busy Hull to York road to attend school at Wilberfoss. The footpath needed widening.

Effect on school population? Read school log...Beverley Archives.

Memories and photos by John Burrows. Lived at Sunnycroft. Mother on fire watch.

Oral history...Lena Basey nee Davis.  Carr, Hall Farm.   

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